Flat Product Manufacturing

*The content and images used in the stainless steel fabrication process are property of ACERINOX EUROPA


The grinding slab is preheated in a walking-beam furnace, from 1250ºC to 1280ºC. Once the interior and exterior slab temperatures are equal, the slab is moved along rotating rollers to the roughing mill.

At the end of this process the slab thickness has decreased from 200 mm to 20-30 mm.

It is a reversing mill with a coiler on each side.  As the strip gets in each roll pass, the final thickness is between 2 and 10 mm.
After the Steckel Mill, the cooled roll strip is cooled, coiled and strapped. The result of the whole process is a black coil.

The following installations are in operation in this shop:

  • Annealing and pickling line: mechanical properties and metallurgical structure are recovered.
  • Leveller and squaring section: shear up to 20 mm thickness.
  • Plasma cutting: thickness cutting range between 20 to 50 mm.