Stainless steel, a true ally for an innovative and more sustainable industry

Medio Ambiente, Energía y Salud

The development of a country, no matter if it is in an industrial or social way, strongly depends on the materials it is sustained. New developments and techniques demand materials that measure up to the new requirements.

Stainless steel, due to its excellent properties, answers to these requirements with a whole range of forms, products and finishes.

Furthermore, our current society is a voracious consumer of materials and demands more materials in an uncontrolled way.

We live in a finite planet, industry must be able to supply materials:

  • with low environmental impact,
  • long lasting service and
  • the ability to fulfil the requirements that other materials cannot.

Considering these three premises, we will be able to develop new technologies and processes that will revert in a more sustainable and habitable world.

Stainless steel fits all these requirements, not only concerning innovation, but also sustainability. It is a material with low environmental impact that can be recycled many times via remelting without losing its original properties. In addition, its excellent properties, among which stands out durability, bring an efficient and guaranteed solution all along the life cycle of the equipment.

Finally, stainless steel makes possible the development of new industrial processes in increasingly aggressive environments.  Such as, Ethanol production process and the access to clean drinking water in scarce natural resources areas thanks to desalination plants. Both solutions clearly improve people’s quality of life.