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Stainless steel gives new proof of its sustainability in blocks for boat mooring

Mooring blocks are heavy objects that rest on the seabed and permit the securing of anchoring ropes, and the mooring of vessels. They are widely used in our coasts allowing boats to anchor safely.

The blocks are usually located in a safe place to anchor, which is called an anchorage.

The holding power of a mooring block is proportional to the weight of the block, irrespective of the type of seabed, and it depends on the friction produced on the sea floor.

The research and development company, ARRAELA has made the first real test of a new block with high security anchoring.

The main feature of this innovative structure is its greatest resistance to anchor drag  (drag along the seabed). This quality is based on three fundamental aspects:  the geometry of the design, the design of concrete composition (right mix of mortars with increasing densities from the top to the bottom of the block), and stainless steel reinforcement bars that ensure no maintenance, together with a high respect for the environment.

This combination of features makes this new development especially suitable for anchoring in places where security is particularly important, such as buoys in navigation channels or piers.  The biggest problem of conventional blocks is that they sometimes move or capsize, rolling on the seabed and thus displacing the signalling site, or making the platform unstable.

This system is more respectful of the marine ecosystem than the usual blocks used for mooring, as for an equal mooring capacity, it occupies a much smaller area of the ocean floor. In addition, its greater mooring capacity makes it ideal for protected sea beds.

Stainless steel is a fundamental part of the new design, ensuring high durability thanks to its resistance to corrosion, along with a great capacity of adherence to concrete. Being a sustainable material, it does not interact with the environment, hence preserving our shores and making them safer.