EGR Systems

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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems

The name of the EGR system comes from “Exhaust Gas Recirculation” and it is used in the automotive industry.  Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which cause harmful effects to the environment.

A motor vehicle emits polluting gases as hydrocarbon and carbon oxide which control bears direct on the oxidation catalyst, but it is only the EGR system which is able to register and control the level of the nitrogen oxide.

The main purpose of an ERG system is to recycle exhaust gases. This is normally situated between the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold and its function consists in taking the exhaust gases with fuel into the intake manifold to be burned again.

In this process, together with exhaust gases, carbon dust also goes into the system which causes many breakdowns.  The valve gets blocked causing more emissions than the allowed and making its cleaning or replacement essential.

If painting is the solution, this must be made in a suitable prepared place because these products are highly polluting ones.

Stainless Steel EGR systems are resistant to corrosion and give engines longer service life.