Acerinox will supply the stainless steel to construct the extension of Monaco

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Acerinox will supply almost 4,000 tonnes of duplex type corrugated stainless steel bars to construct the extension of Monaco, from Roldan, S.A. (Ponferrada, León), one of its main long product factories in Spain.

The material provided by Acerinox will be used in the framework of the concrete structures intended to create the protective barrier against the sea in critical areas.

This innovative application of stainless steel for a project of such magnitude and demand meets the high standards and characteristics of the bars made by Roldan, especially suited for this type of project of port docks, barriers and bridges in marine areas.

Stainless steel provides high mechanical properties and great resistance to corrosion of the frameworks in contact with the chlorides of the salt water which can penetrate within the concrete, guaranteeing the long life of the infrastructures and eliminating subsequent maintenance work for corrosion problems.

It is for this reason that the use of corrugated stainless steel for constructions in contact with seawater or with salt used to melt ice on roads is becoming more widespread.

The work will be carried out by the prestigious French group Bouygues and the company Sendin Francia. The plant of this last company in Teruel (Spain) will be responsible for making the stainless steel frameworks which, from there, will be sent to Marseilles for the construction of the concrete structures. Once constructed, they will be towed by boat to their final location in Monaco. 

A 60,000 square metre and 2 billion euro project

Acerinox will become part of a project which includes 60,000 square metres of residential spaces and public facilities, as well as the extension of the Grimaldi Forum by approximately 3,500 square metres, the creation of a landscaped park, a marine area and a green belt.

The urban development includes construction of a small marina with capacity for 40 moorings and over 3,000 square metres of commercial premises, with a total investment of 2 billion euros.