Lighthouse light

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Lighthouse story

The first maritime guides were fires that burned on top of hills near the coast. Their main weakness was that they were not protected from wind and rain, the light they gave off was not visible over long distances and they had to be constantly tended to keep the fire burning. 

The Tower of Alexandria, serves as a reference for the design of today's towers. Historians consider it to be the first lighthouse of proven existence. Its construction was so formidable and its legends so acclaimed, that it was enough to be included among the 7 wonders of the ancient world. 

The lighthouse was damaged by earthquakes which led to the structure being abandoned and demolished. To avoid this situation, today, we include stainless steel to reinforce the towers and create the structure of the lanterns, which prolongs the durability and resistance to all kinds of adversities. 

We leave you the link to examples of actual construction of the lantern part –> Lanterns for Cape Verde