Vertical walks

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With the rise of adventure sports, we are becoming more and more daring and we are no longer satisfied just taking a walk. Now what we want is to walk vertically up the mountain. 

Via ferrata climbing has become very popular among mountain enthusiasts. Of course, there are various levels of difficulty depending on the route. Taking into account the strength to be used, the experience we have, risk issues, duration and other subjective factors such as our own fear, we will choose one level or another. Spain has around 230 equipped via ferrata routes which we can choose according to the level of difficulty we are ready to face. 

Via ferrata offers a fall protection system, normally by means of a lifeline, rungs, chains, clamps, pegs... They are made of stainless steel, which guarantees resistance to corrosion, hardness to withstand external agents such as the continuous passage of adventurers and malleability to achieve the required shapes.

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