Following the footsteps

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We follow the steps of the previous editions of the Stainless Steel World, Conference and Expo. This is the 13th edition, and we are in Maastricht again to share three days with our colleagues a common key concern, present and future of stainless steel.

Maastricht is a privileged place to meet clients, users and manufacturers of stainless steel. Also to set new relationships and strengthen links. This is a unique event that brings together the worldwide leaders of this sector in the same place. Cedinox is honoured to join the Acerinox team and live this enrichment experience together with the rest of the companies of the Group.

Today, 27th September is the Sustainability Day and the focus is to create a dynamic conversation about challenges, opportunities and developments on sustainability. Acerinox has the biggest commercial network in the sector and contributes to the sustainable development of the society, generating value today while preserving the legacy of future generations.

Congratulations to the organizers of the event and all the participants.