Long product manufacturing (wire)

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Finishes and packing

The packing range is: spools, coils, drums and reels.

The cold deformation takes place in drawing machines using drawer's dies which perform a reduction percentage. The wire drawer dies are made of tungsten carbide, and the lubricant can be stearates soaps.

The dry drawing process is used to obtain intermediate wire and finished wire.

According to customer requirement, in order to eliminate the hardening and the residual tensions after wire drawing, heat treatment can be performed.

This process (hypertemper or solubilization) exposes the material to a temperature high enough (austenitic stainless steels at 1100ºC approx.) inside an inert atmosphere to eliminate all the structural alterations produced during the manufacturing processes, followed by rapid cooling.

Cold deformation developed to obtain bright surface products. The final brightness is accomplished by friction between the wire and the wire drawer's die; in this case it is made of polycrystalline diamond, with the help of a low density lubricant, usually oil.

The finish surface could be obtained as a final process or as a intermediate process.

The wire cut for TIG welding in 1 meter long, which surface is identified by stamping.

The wire is available in different types of spools, depending on the application and the different customer requirements. The spool weight can be 15 kg (MIG), or others according to the norm.