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Julio Galán, born in Valladolid and more than 25 years in the world of design, is an artist specialised in monumental sculpture. In 2006 he took the leap to metal sculpture, in different places all over Spain.

The sculptor invites the spectator to participate in his works through games of volumes and sensory experiences. Each piece is unique, as they are born from a rigorous handmade process. 

Two and a half years ago, the renowned Protos winery in Peñafiel opened a competition for the design of a sculpture for their new winery and Julio Galán was the winner of the project.

Last 19th January, he inaugurated his sculpture "Transparence". The event was attended by Protos managers as well as the main public officials of the autonomous region and the municipality. 

"Transparence" is an immense bunch of grapes 15.5 metres long, 5.7 metres high, 6 metres wide and more than seven tons in weight. It consists of 121 austenitic stainless steel cubes and sheets made of glass in three different tones. From the design and disposition of the piece, we appreciate the sculptor’s ability to model and manage both the stainless steel and the light that goes through the sculpture.

The reflection produced by the light in contact with the stainless steel and the coloured glass generates a play of light that represents the evolution of the ripening of the bunch of grapes, and is also an allegory of the different shades that wine takes on in the barrel.