Stainless steel in Arts


Sculpture (from the Latin sculptūra) is a way of artistic expression which consists in carving, modelling or sculping a material in three dimensions. 

To create a piece of sculpture the working materials can be most varied such as stone, wood, marble, wax or other metals as gold, silver, iron or bronze. As technoloty evolves other different styles use other materials and stainless steel has become the chosen material by many modern artists.

Stainless steel plays a central role in the world of arts, its purity and resistance to corrosion ensure timeless works of art in all their magnificence. Works of art able to change inorganic into living pieces though the perfect combination among materials which is not always possible with other materials different from stainless steel.

Stainless steel in arts, the combination of imagination and talent that artists show in their spectacular works which must be contemplated into a cabinet or in a popular square of a big city.