Stainless Steel Spring Wire

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Stainless steel for spring making has become more and more important. Corrosion resistance and safety makes the stainless steel wire many times the only possible reliable solution.

Mechanical proporties for any diameter is defined by international standars. Into Europe standard EN-10270:3


Inoxfil produce two different finish:

Soap coated. Using suitable soaps and procedures wire becomes homogeneously coated enhancing performance of spring making.

Bright finish. The wire is finally polished to remove soap coating and to get a bright surface.


Grades EN 14310/EN 14401 are mostly used for springs. Both are able two increase tensile and yield strength by cold drawing to reach the level required by International Standards.


This property is extremely important because most springs work with cyclic loads. So springs in its whole life should resist up to millions of cycles. 

To improve performance in service of stainless steel spring wire it’s essential to care from the melting shop, with a very clean molten metal free of non-metallic inclusions and a suitable balance of alloy element in chemistry, to the hot rolling, annealing and pickling process as wire rod.

All these parameters absolutely handled into Acerinox group process build up a realiable wire from spring making.

The range of production goes from 0.50 mm to 12.00 mm. Packaging in coils, metallic spool and plastic spools.

         Number of cycles under load

Fig 1. Grade EN 14310. Diameter 1.00 mm