Press fitting, other way of joining


There are many ways of joining materials such as welding, mechanical anchoring and adhesives among many others.  Each one of them brings different solutions to specific joining situations.  However, there is a unique and different interesting method when we want to join a tube that is prevailing over other traditional ones because its easiness and cleanness, that is Press-Fitting.

This technique consists in joining two tubes by means of a bigger diameter connector with pressure.  The connectors used guarantee a perfect union avoiding any liquid and gas leak.  This is a quick and easy method that does not need any welding and therefore any further surface treatment.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for this application because it withstands any deformation without loss of properties.  Any pressure or mark can derive in damage on any superficial coating, producing a located weakness area but in case of stainless steel, this is  not possible because its natural self-repairing property (passive layer). Stainless steel is a contemporary material which brings practical, innovative and effective solutions to specific circumstances.