Optical boutique designed by El Departamento


Project Lobster: New shop in Madrid

THE STUDIO: El Departamento

El Departamento is an experimental and daring studio, founded by Alberto Eltini and Marina Martín in early 2017 with the great challenge of revising the architecture and interior spaces of the historical context we live in.


They are  an optical brand that meet present and future generations' needs in pursuit of a high-resolution adventure, founded in Barcelona in 2018.


It has a privileged location in Calle Fernando VI in Madrid, on the ground floor of a building with Modernist influences. The space had two original cast-iron pillars that have been preserved and are part of the essence of the establishment. El Departamento redefined them  into two impeccable cylinders by cladding them with a stainless steel skin. Textured minimalism, rough materiality, organic shapes, stainless steel and the chromatic palette of the fields of the Madrid mountains are responsible for this space of a high-tech nature.


El Departamento manages to capture the strategy of PJ. Lobster in the design of this optical boutique, with its positioning within the visual health sector. Stainless steel plays a crucial role. From the beginning, it was clear that this material should be present due to its historical connection with the health sector. However, El Departamento manages to incorporate it in a friendly and subtle way that invites the user to enjoy it and avoids its exclusively functional application. 

This is not the first time that these two firms have joined forces. For years, El Departamento has been the studio in charge of the conceptualisation, design and execution of the new PJ. Lobster shops. Thus, the opening of the first optical boutique in El Born in Barcelona set the basis for this new series of spaces that are being replicated in different locations such as Madrid and, soon, Zaragoza.