MiiN Cosmetics flagship store designed by PPT


MiiN Cosmetics Flagship store, Barcelona

THE STUDIO: PPT Interiorismo

PPT Interiorismo is located in Barcelona and led by Helena Puig, who works in close cooperation with other creative disciplines, to give form and content to commercial stores, homes and business sites with an inspiring contemporary character. They develop brand conceptual design, marketing applied to space with the aim of giving voice to their clients’ values.

Their values are sustainability and common sense, so they try to work with national manufacturers whenever possible.

THE CLIENT: MiiN Cosmetics

MiiN Cosmetics is the benchmark cosmetic Korean store born in Barcelona and they are pioneers in bringing the best cosmetics in Europe. They were born in 2014 when Korean cosmetics sounded quite a faraway concept. Nowadays they have stores in Munich and Milan, apart from Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona in Spain.


It is a two-storey store located in the old Bella Aurora building in Balmes street, beside Plaza de Cataluña. Created as the brand’s flagship store, it is 400 m2 distributed in the Nail bar, Makeup bar and some big display tables. They also have a funny pedicure space and three booths for corporal and facial treatments. This is the MiiN Universe for special events, informative sessions, treatments and courses.


As concept design, PPT Interiorismo worked on a RAW project with the rawest and more natural base possible and creating an outburst of pink, their corporate colour. The satin finish, stainless steel AISI 304 combines to perfection with translucent glass, methacrylate and microcement which bring to life the MiiN Universe.

On this occasion, they use stainless steel because of its versatility, resistance and its relation with cleanability and hygiene, values that provide excellence to top quality cosmetic projects. Stainless steel lightness makes possible the design of tables and racks, the reflection of light and to live together with other materials such as glass, wood or cements. Its avangard and skinned appearance talks about the transparent process of the brand, which is a genuine added value.