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Our biannual publication is about to be launched! 

The 94th edition of the magazine is full of relevant and up-to-date content on stainless steel innovations and applications in various industries. 

An essential source for stainless steel professionals, students and enthusiasts. It is published every six months and is free to subscribe to. In case you still have any doubts, here are a couple of points to clarify:  

Why subscribe to Stainless Steel?

- Access to research and reports on new applications and transformations of stainless steel.

- Keep up to date with the latest material trends. 

- Perfect for students and professionals looking to extend their knowledge of stainless steel.

How do we access the content?

- Newsletter: subscribe to our to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox.

- Downloads: you can download any issue from our 

- Paper magazine: free delivery nationwide.

If you would like us to consider publishing about your project, company or any other stainless steel related topic in the next issue, please contact us at the following link:

We hope you enjoy this new edition and continue to join us on this journey of discovery and learning!