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What is the Acerinox Award?

The Acerinox Award is aimed at students from schools and universities nationwide who have participated in the annual courses given by Cedinox or who are committed to receiving training from this institution. The works can cover subjects related to Architecture, Decoration, Industrial Uses and Technological Properties of stainless steel. 

Why is it important to participate?

1. Recognition and prestige: participating in the Acerinox Award allows you to stand out among your colleagues and demonstrate your ability to deal with complex and relevant issues in the field of stainless steel. At the prize-giving ceremony, the winner will have the opportunity to present his/her project in front of a Jury of recognised prestige in the sector, professors from the University or School and interested attendees.

2. Economic support: the economic endowment of 3,000 euros is a significant incentive that can help you to finance future projects or continue with your studies.

3. Professional development: by working on a stainless steel project, you will acquire specific knowledge and skills that are highly valued in the labour market, especially in fields such as architecture, engineering, decoration and design.

4. Networking: participating in this award allows you to come into contact with professionals and experts in the sector, expanding your opportunities for networking and future collaboration.

5. Innovation and creativity: the research and development process of your project will give you the opportunity to innovate and explore new applications of stainless steel, enhancing your creativity and problem-solving skills.

How to participate?

To participate you must submit your project, related to stainless steel, covering one of the following areas: architecture, industrial uses, decoration or technological properties. 

Make sure you meet the requirements for participation and that you have attended or are committed to attending Cedinox courses → RULES

Submit your work before 30 September 2024 and be part of this initiative that fosters excellence and innovation among young talents! → APPLICATION FORM

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

E-mail: cedinox@acerinox.com

Phone: 913985231 /32