Caminito del Rey

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It was finished in 1905 so that the operators of the Chorro and Gaitanejo hydroelectric dams could access to carry out their maintenance and supervision works on the installations.

Time and the lack of conservation, made the path not suitable for use. Some of the ground surfaces were broken, the pavement had holes in others, railings were detached, and in general, it was not safe to walk along the path. 

In 2014, they decided to rehabilitate the Caminito del Rey path by giving the bridges a new structure and creating a separate walkway over the existing balconies. One of the objectives of the project was that the material used should blend in with the ecological environment where it is located. In the end, stainless steel was chosen as a priority element in the intervention. We can see that it is present in the mesh that secures the walkway, in the cables, anchors, brackets and plates. 

Therefore, choosing stainless steel as the main material was the right choice: it guarantees the safety of the walkway, it does not require too much maintenance and integrates perfectly with the environment.

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