Baked with love

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In order to launch a factory in the food industry, large investments are necessary due to the costs of acquiring machinery and putting it into operation. Equipment or machinery in poor condition can affect the entire production line as it will have to stop and repair, not to mention possible health issues for the malfunctioning. For this reason, the selection of the materials that are going to be in contact with our food, and the machinery used, is fundamental for an efficient and quality process. 

The stainless steel's reaction to external factors inherent to the food industry processes makes it ideal for all types of processes and utilities.

We remind you which are its main characteristics:

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Compact surface.
  • Resistance to shocks and stresses.
  • Resistance to thermal variations.
  • No need for protective coating.
  • Bacteria removal/cleanability.
  • Chemically inert.

The excellent combination of good performance in a wide range of temperatures, corrosion resistance and high durability makes it an exceptional choice for food service use.

To optimize efficiency and price in the choice of different stainless steel grades, we recommend that you go to our "ask the experts" channel.