3CR12 trailers

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Byrne Trailers is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of livestock and bulk cargo transport in Australia, they are now manufacturing livestock trailers made from 3CR12, sheet and plate directly from Columbus, South Africa, and round bar from Roldan in Spain.

3CR12 is successfully used in wet sliding abrasion conditions and materials handling applications in the agricultural, mining and power generation industries. It is widely used in the transport industry, finding applications in passenger vehicles, rail freight wagons and coaches, trailers, trucks and cars. In industrial structural applications, 3CR12 is used for walkway systems, cladding and roofing, piping, cable racking, electrical enclosures and utility bridges. It is also used in water and sewage treatment applications.

Byrne Trailers has reduced the tare weight of their vehicles; they are 250 times more corrosion resistant than carbon steel, they need less maintenance, and finally their products are cost effective.

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