Jump into the future

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Last 19th October, it was inaugurated “El Saltador” (“the jumper”), the last work created by Jordi Díez at the Urquinaona square, in Barcelona. This sculpture is about 3 meters high and represents an athlete jumping into imaginary waters.

On this occassion, the artist captures our attention with a breathtaking representation of a jumper diving into the map of Barcelona. His inspiration is Tom Daley, British Olympic Jumper who was one of the first elite athletes to publish his sexual orientation. Jordi Díez, with his usual bravery using stainless steel for his creations, takes us to the heart of the city, beyond our imagination.

Through his work you will feel the strength which the Jumper embodies the determination, courage and dedication values to life with no concessions.

Jordi Diez and Victoria Matres

Using Jordi Díez’ words “stainless steel has the quality of the immateriality.  It can be said that it lacks colour: it reflects everything that surrounds it in a way that it can be incandescent in a sunset, or blue in a winter dawn.  Being in front of one stainless steel sculpture is being just in front of an image who greets us from the other side of reality”.

Jordi Díez was very interested in knowing first hand the material he is using to make his magic and we were honoured to be with him in the facilities of Acerinox Palmones in Cádiz, where we enjoyed very much of the technician explanations and the questions that Jordi didn't stop making.

Jordi Díez and the saltador