Cut your losses

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We can keep our stainless steel knives in perfect condition by following a few simple maintenance steps: 

  • Wash knives immediately after use. Do not leave them in contact with food or water for a long time, especially if it is hard or saline water, as this promotes corrosion of the metal.
  • Do not rub knives with abrasive scouring pads. 
  • Use neutral soap. Do not use bleach or detergents with chlorine or chloride, as they can corrode the material. 
  • If you use a dishwasher, which is not preferable, try not to let the blades rub against other cutlery. If they have to go in the basket, it is best to place them upside down.  
  • Dry knives with a soft cloth until they are no longer wet. 

Invest in a good stainless steel knife and take care of it as it deserves, it will ensure a clean cut, reduce the percentage of accidents significantly and extend its lifespan.