Art for all

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In the Fisketorvet shopping mall, Copenhagen, we can find this fish sculpture made of stainless steel. The sculpture is 12 metres at its widest point. Each figure is 46 cm long and in total the sculpture is made of 8,500 stainless steel fishes. 

From different angles, you can see the infinity symbol formed by the flow of a stainless steel shoal of fishes that make up the sculpture. Dominic and Frances Bromley, creative directors of the studio in charge of the work, pretend to represent the constant and infinite evolution of the Fisketorvet shopping centre, which began as a fish market and now is a modern shopping area. 

As we can see from Scabetti's website, their work is everywhere on the planet: "our work can be found in places as diverse as 17th century listed buildings to newly constructed military barracks, from restaurants within a 10-minute walk of our studio to cruise ships sailing around the world".