La Puerta de la Ilustración

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The Valencian sculptor, Andreu Alfaro, creator of "La Puerta de la Ilustración" was born in 1929. He was always clear about why he used stainless steel in his work “when an artist creates  any artwork, the intention is to remain and stainless steel, as highly resistant to weather conditions, allows time without affecting the piece”. 

The sculpture has 26 arches, 13 in each direction. It is 23 m high, 84 m long and 33 m wide. Its construction required 1,300 metres of stainless steel tube with a diameter of 508 mm. The grade of stainless steel is AISI 304, and its thickness varies from 5 mm at the base of the tube, which serves as an anchorage, to 3 mm in the rest of the structure.  

One of the first complications was to bend the tube, due to its huge dimensions. It was not possible to allow the slightest twist, nor the slightest deformation of its ends, as these are the base and foundation. 

Stainless steel, thanks to its hygienic properties, strength, durability and easy maintenance, makes it a valuable material for street furniture. In addition, it gives a modern and clean feeling to the space in which it is placed.