Bringing architecture to life

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Last 2nd October was the international day of Architecture and we have been celebrating it during the whole week.  The Official School of Architects of Madrid and the COAM Architecture Foundation led the Architecture week, which aimed to approach architecture and heritage to society.

From the 29th September to 8th October 2023, many activities took place in Madrid and Cedinox wanted to do their part. Through our social media, we showed our enthusiasm with this date.

Our linkedin, Instagram, Xshowed some projects where stainless steel fully plays its role.

  • Ventilated façade in Mapfre Tower, Barcelona
  • National heritage with “La Sagrada Familia”, Barcelona
  • Structures in Europa Tower, Madrid
  • Urbanism with the rehabilitation of “Plaza de España”, Madrid
  • Skins as the used in the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Madrid

There are many different ways of defining today’s architecture and we have chosen the one that identifies us the most “Today’s architecture searches bring simpler spaces, committed to society, therefore materials should be better selected”.

From the Association for the investigation and development of stainless steel, we give advice on the correct selection of stainless steel, that guarantees the longest lifespan of the project, no matter if it is new construction, rehabilitation, civil engineering, etc.

Bringing architecture to life can be seen from a double perspective, the architect’s aim that wants “to bring a project to life” and the Cedinox’ work that offers “to bring advice of the material”.