Artisanal workshop

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The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines "Obrador" as "Artisanal workshop, especially confectionery and bakery". As we well know, human labour predominates in a bakery, but we cannot forget the role that equipment, tools and electrical appliances that support production play nowadays. Mixers, ovens, baking tools, refrigerators, work tables... are some of the elements that can be found in a bakery workshop.

Due to the mechanical properties stainless steel offers, it is easy to clean and the fact that it is not a porous material, it is the most used material for the manufacture of these appliances and work tools. Stainless steel is also advantageous because it does not transfer taste, smell or toxicity to the food, a basic characteristic in order to comply with the safety and quality regulations of industrial  processes. 

Keeping our tools in optimal conditions, having a tidy and hygienic work space, helps us to ensure that the quality of our product is excellent. To clean stainless steel elements, all you need is water and soap applied gently with a soft cloth.

The type of stainless steel commonly used for this purpose is AISI 304L. Because of its good welding behaviour, its resistance to corrosion and extreme temperature changes.