Jason deCaires Taylor's sculpture ,"The Musician"

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©Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor's sculpture , "The Musician", located at a depth of 4 metres, is a perfect manifestation of how stainless steel can be used in underwater art. This work, located on a private island in the Bahamas, is designed to interact with the marine environment in a unique way.

The sculpture represents a replica of a Steinway grand piano and a full-scale mermaid. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, the piano can generate soft classical music, similar to the sound of a whale or dolphin. The mermaid, on the other hand, is made of pH-neutral cement to encourage the growth of marine organisms. This ecological aspect not only contributes to the enrichment of the marine environment, but also makes the sculpture a living habitat.


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©Jason deCaires Taylor

The properties of stainless steel ensure that ‘The Musician’ maintains its structural and visual integrity over time, despite being submerged in a highly corrosive environment. This allows the work to be enjoyed for future generations, while resisting the elements of the marine environment.

One of the most remarkable properties of stainless steel is its ability to resist corrosion. In marine environments, where salt and humidity are constant, less resistant materials deteriorate rapidly. Stainless steel, especially austenitic grades such as 316, are ideally suited for these applications. 

Stainless steel, in addition, resists the mechanical forces and stresses of the underwater environment, ensuring that sculptures such as ‘The Musician’ can endure over time, becoming permanent pieces of marine art.

As well as its mechanical properties, stainless steel has a shiny, aesthetic finish that stands out underwater. The light filtering through the water creates reflections on the surface of the sculpture, increasing its visual appeal and creating a magical experience for divers and snorkellers in the area.

We invite you to visit the artist's stainless steel sculptures. One of them can be found at the following link → https://www.cedinox.es/en/publicaciones/curiosidades/Museo-submarino/