Efficient sanitation system

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Health and dignity

Hygienic and appropriate sanitation systems are not available for all.  In addition, in South African rural or remote areas, do not have sufficient access to potable or running water and pit latrine sanitation systems remain the dominant alternative. 

There are obvious dangers associated with the latrine system regarding pollution, sanitary and space availability. The South African company Betram Pty has developed the Amalooloo system that supplies a safe, dignified and hygienic sanitation system.

Each unit is equipped with washbasin and toilet and does not need running water guaranteeing water saving because water used in the washbasin deposit is used again when flushing.  As these are exterior constructions, materials must assure durability and safety for the users; this is why Amalooloo is manufactured with AISI 304 and 3CR12 stainless steel.

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