Rehabilitation of the rear of the altar of Burgos Cathedral

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Stainless steel protects our cultural heritage

The porosity of the type of the stone facilitated leakage with high content of salt, with the consequent progressive degradation over the years. The project required the dismantling of the two of the fragile and huge main reliefs because of the cracking.

Each relief has nine pieces that can be 700 kg weight each.  The idea was to avoid what happened before with other conservation interventions.

The project had three main phases:

  1. Some damaged sculptural ensembles were dismantled and desalted. Those not dismantled, were cleaned with photonic laser techniques.
  2. Construction of an isolation system to avoid filtrations.
  3. Restoration and consolidation of some detached pieces and the reinforcing of some blocks of stone.

Stainless steel contributed again to guarantee durability and structural consolidation of the reliefs.


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