Madrid "Girasol" homes

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Located at the corner of Ortega y Gasset with Lagasca street in Madrid, the design of this building has a singularity on its façade, the position of the bricks. They were placed vertically, instead of the usual horizontal position. The "bricks" were actually ceramic tiles, without any resistant function. These acted as cladding for the concrete wall. The former construction system was beginning to present some problems of detachment of ceramic pieces due to the mortar degradation. After several rehabilitation attempts in which the adhesion problems persisted, finally they decided to use the Flexbrick® system.

Flexbrick® manufactures ceramic fabric composed of small elements such as bricks, tiles and/or paving stones braided into stainless steel mesh. This technique guarantees durability and safety. In addition, it is quick to install. The meshes are assembled at Flexbrick's facilities, transported folded on pallets and, using a crane, are lowered in a controlled manner.

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