General Terms of use.

Sending technical enquiries to the Spanish Stainless Steel Development Association at “Technical Enquiry”

Stainless Steel Spanish Development Association – hereafter, CEDINOX – addressed 100, Santiago de Compostela St., 28035 Madrid, studies the technical enquiries that the website user may send through the section “Technical Enquiry” of the web and for that purpose files with information, drawings, pictures, etc. can be sent by the user to help solving the question.

The delivery of such information – hereafter “Content” – by any website user is subject to the agreement of the following requirements:

Senders will only be people aged 18 or over at the time of participation. They will send CEDINOX the necessary information to study the enquiry, which is declared true. The data will be incorporated to our system “Technical Enquiries”.

Sender authorises CEDINOX to include the Content at . This authorisation can be revoked at any time by informing CEDINOX in writing at the following e-mail address:

By sending any Content, the Sender also guarantees the following:

The Content sent has been obtained by the sender, who is the owner and has copyright of it and also declares capable to send the Content to CEDINOX according to the conditions here included.

Content does not include defamation, libel or insult to any person, company or association, or anything on it does not infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties.

In order to accept this, the sender has the authorization of the people who may appear in the Content.

Users are requested to send information only referred to the subject of the enqury. It is forbidden any promotional or publishing content.

CEDINOX reserves the right to refuse any Content without any prior notice and also the right to edit the Content using whatever the means or technical solutions required.

Sending the Content and the authorization of using it on behalf of CEDINOX is free of charge and CEDINOX is not obliged to pay any amount to anyone.

Sender will be responsible from any liability resulting from failure to comply with this document.

CEDINOX has made its best so that the information contained in the report of the enquiry is accurate. However it has been prepared in response to requests which may not include all the necessary information concerning the specific question raised, and therefore CEDINOX does not assume any responsibility for direct or indirect damages and loss arising out of the normal use or misuse of such information which is considered to be provided with a general and illustrative nature.

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