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Erection and installation of Stainless Steel Components

Stainless steel is generally selected as a construction material because of its superior corrosion resistance or attractive surface finish in combination with an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Austetitic stainless steels are almost always the preferred grades for these applications, but to ferritic and duplex stainless are every day more used. 

Stainless steel structures can be constructed on site using welded joints, bolted connections or other special mechanical fastening methods.

The erection procedure for stainless steel components needs to be planned in writing, paying particular attention to:

- the properties of the material and the implications for erection,

- the conditions on the site,

- requirements for special tools or equipment,

- the possible need for trial installation,

- the stages of erection in relation to other construction work,

- the weight of parts, suitable lifting points and any requirement for auxiliary temporary supports or braces.

It is essential to maintain the corrosion resistance of stainless steel at each stage of the construction process. As finished stainless steel structures are not usually painted or treated in any other way, it is also important that the surface appearance is not changed or damaged during the manufacturing, fabrication, transportation or erection processes. 

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